5 Things to Look for in a Sales Training Platform

ATD Research found that organisations spend an average of $954,070 on sales training every year.

If so much is spent on sales training it should also have adequate and measurable returns too. In order to achieve significant ROI from the investments in sales training platforms, organisations have to ensure that they make the right choice. Once in a while seminars and training events are not really going to create the kind of value one wants. The power of innovation and technology today enables organisations to deliver training to their sales staff at the click of a button, without having to assimilate the team in one place. With so many options available in the market, make sure you choose the right one.

Here are the things you should definitely look out for in a sales training platform –


1. Different content formats

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Before you purchase a sales training platform, you need to ensure that it supports different formats of learning content like videos, lectures, audios, images, presentations or documents. Since it is the age of microlearning, training content needs to be engaging enough for people to stay hooked to. Online video lectures, narrated slide presentations, podcasts, PDF’s or simple text documents should be an option for admins to be able to mix and match the delivery of the content in the most interactive way possible. The power needs to shift to the admin who needs to be handed over a hassle-free creation process, which allows the flexibility and ease for a smooth addition of refined modules and editing whenever required. The technical dependence on IT and running to them for any kind of small change needs to be done away with.


2. Interactive assessments

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Any training program’s goal is to ensure that the learners grasp the content being taught to them and also retain it. Adding interactive assessments to content is a great way to ensure that sales reps are engaged and actively taking part in the training. These assessments can be spiced up with score comparison, motivational quotes or games. There is a wide range of assessment questions one can choose from which definitely increase the levels of engagement amongst learners. This feature is a must have while you choose any platform for sales training!


3. Measurement of sales training effectiveness

The huge spending on sales training is a complete waste if the results are not measured. There should be a system that offers analytics and reports that can help L&D professionals understand the pros and cons of the training conducted. Meaningful insights in the form of data at regular intervals can help suggest what appropriate action needs to be taken to help ensure a high ROI. The sales training platform should enable the educator to get actionable information about courses and content consumption patterns of each learner, scores, progress etc. Along with this, it should also allow professionals to understand how far the behaviour of the learners has changed after the training. In-depth analysis can be fostered by interactive visuals and reports to help organisations decipher meaningful insights instead of trying to make sense out of data dumps.


4. Feedback

Feedback has become an extremely important tool for ensuring smooth operation of training programs. Feedback is not about being a once a year event but should be a continuous feature at various stages of training modules, which uses the power of real-time feedback through technology as well as requires managers to regularly check the opinions of their subordinate learners. Any training platform needs to be able to capture feedback the learners have about the course content, their satisfaction levels and the trainers. Such data when collated not only gives deep insights into the success of the training but also creates a sense of engagement for the learners as they feel cared for.


5. Mobile learning

With the changing preferences, learning tools have also evolved. Smartphones, tablets, wearables and other such mobile devices are transforming the way we access information and stay connected with the world. The power of the internet empowers any individual with a mobile device instant access to any kind of information he wants to explore. The amount of data consumed on mobile devices is huge and not making your courses available right onto the mobile devices your sales staff carry with them could be a major mistake.

Capabiliti is a sales training platform that brings mlearning to your learners, enabling them to access courses at any time on their mobile devices using applications. It also gives a lot of freedom to learning professionals who can create learning programs easily and add interactivity to modules through assessments and gamification features. You can also choose from a wide range of existing courses, assessments and surveys to kick start the process in minutes!

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