8 kinds of superheroes we all have at work

We live in a fast paced, competitive world. The current generation is brought up with one emphatic statement: “Survival of the fittest”. This ever grinding cut-throat competition focuses on how to be more effective and how to improve oneself every single day.

This is the outcome of the changes that are happening in the workplaces today. We have a mix of experienced blood working hand in hand with the highly energetic millennials. They might even come from different educational backgrounds, which inevitably results in conflicting ideologies and ego clashes. The downside of this change is that it leads to a decline in your team’s performance and productivity. Which inevitably makes you place excessive focus on the weaknesses and shortcomings of your employees.

So for now, let’s take a step back from highlighting our employees’ shortcomings and let’s appreciate their efforts and the strengths they bring to the daily grind of this concrete jungle.

All of us have abilities and talents that set us apart in a crowd. In that respect, we are all superheroes. Some of us have extraordinary social skills, while some of us are good in math, some of us even have a combination of both, which in itself is a unique power.

The leaders of an organization are expected to see right through their employees and pin point who’s the Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne waiting for an opportunity to rip off his grey suit and reveal the real superhero. You’ll have to unleash these superheroes to survive here.

Your inability to identify these strengths might work in the favour of your competitors. And all that’ll be left will be chunks of regret and an obvious increase in the number of turnovers.

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Once you zero out those superheroes, half your work is done!

So here’s a list of traits that you should be on the look-out for in your workers.

1. The Hulkathron:


The energy to go through walls, stepping on some toes along the way, these people have a limitless amount of energy and power to get their work done. The moment they are possessed with the idea of getting something done, they’ll bring down all the walls that obstruct their path. They might annoy you with their efficiency and energy at times, but they are the ones who, if driven in the right direction, can get everyone in the team going.

2. The Positron


The immense amount of positive energy that drives these people makes working in the hardest conditions, a cakewalk. These people use their positive energy to shield off every negative vibe in the organization.

You might come across positive pockets within an organization, and if you look closer, it is the Captain Positivity who helps their co-workers and teammates to rise above their daily frustrations and keep going.

3. The Competitor:


“Veni Vidi Vici” is their philosophy. These people thrive in performance based jobs and raise the level of competition to a new level. They have the potential to turn daily tasks into li’l competitive games. If not given proper attention, they might steer away to a new job/organization that challenges them every now and then.

4. The Precisionist:


With immense self-control and discipline, these people have their eyes fixed on the deadline. No matter what the circumstances, they will ensure that the projects are on track and everybody keeps up with the calendar.

Every organization requires these people to keep the machine going and to deliver their business on time.

5. The Responsiblator


With a limitless sense of honour and responsibility, these people often work into the night without much push. These are the rare breeds, who are so self-motivated that they are constantly in demand. What you need to do with these people is to show them a bit of gratitude every once in a while for all the extra effort they put.

6. The Captain Friendly


Winning over others and making friends wherever they go, these people are the ones who know everybody in the office and are included in every office parties. These people have immense social-skills which if leveraged, will get you plenty of happy customers.

7. The Adaptic:


These people have the ability to adapt to any and every situation. They are master adapters who are mostly mistaken for multitaskers. But their unique superpower is to stay productive in a constantly changing environment.

8. The Steve Jobs:


These are the visionaries, who have a rare ability to see what the future holds. They predict trends and come up with solutions. Encourage them to speak their mind and make sure that you listen to them.

With their humanly super traits, these employees will ensure that their legacy keeps going, and this inherent edge will constantly keep these people and their teammates going. The catch is to ensure that you laser in on these qualities and to keep them in situations that help them reveal their superpowers. You should recognize these people early on so that they are motivated to stick around.

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