An LMS To Train Distributed Employees

In essence, learning and development is at the core of what high impact performing organizations do, according to Todd Tauber, VP L&D Research, Bersin by Deloitte. It leads to higher customer satisfaction, more innovation, more repeat business, lower costs and faster growth.

We have talked about how important it is to assess and train distributed employees extensively on The Qustn Café. If Todd is to be believed, the frontline staff of our organizations wield the immense power to break a brand – which takes months, years and considerable sums of money to build in the first place.

Distributed employees are those that work outside the direct purview and day-to-day control of the central leadership or a branched out power center of an organization, all or most of their time.

They can be the field sales person, the onsite technician, the retail staff of an obscure branch – basically anybody.

LMS licenses today are too expensive to be extended to these hundreds and thousands of employees. They are expected regularly to be trained on-the-job, are sent product updates through emails, or hard copies of PDF documents, or are many a times simply and categorically ignored by their training departments.

But you are not one of those L&D heads, are you?

So how can you make sure each and every employee, including and especially your distributed workforce, is well trained and up-to-date on your products, services, and the value proposition that they are supposed to share with your customers while discharging their duties?

Sure, regular meetings with the functional heads are required. They need to regularly speak with people more experienced, more knowledgeable than their own selves and their immediate colleagues (if any). But getting this to happen enough so as to make an impact is too time consuming and cost intensive. Scheduling travel, getting everybody together under a roof, food and drinks, time off from regular work – is best when occurs at best quarterly.

What if most of this could be done through your LMS without it costing a bomb? What if your organization paid only for the trainings actually consumed by the employee? What if your employee could actually get trained and visibly improve based on real assessments over time over any computing device they might have on their person? The data connection speeds not withstanding?

Learning Management System To Train distributed employees – A Scenario

Bob is a field sales person for Amtech machines in Texas. It is 7:30am on a Wednesday, and he just arrived at his favorite breakfast place to grab a quick bite – he has meetings scheduled all day 9am onwards. As he orders his usual – a grilled sandwich with some bacon on the side and some coffee – he sees a notification in his phone.

It’s a new product update.

It is the same product he is supposed to pitch in most of his meetings today. He is a bit stretched for time, but he finds a quite spot inside the breakfast place, puts on his headphones, and goes on to receive the training.

He is done is 15 mins. He watched a video that clearly explained about the update, and how it can benefit the customer further. He did not skip the video even a bit, since it was very interesting, and his manager somehow usually gets to know when he does that anyway. Upon watching the video, he was supposed to go through a quick assessment on the product update, which included a few questions, for which he quickly recorded his responses.

The storm last night had knocked down the tower in the local area, so the data connection was uncharacteristically slow. But he knew he doesn’t have to worry about that.

He went ahead with his breakfast in peace, and was off to his first meeting – confident, and up to date. His manager, who knew this training was assigned to his team late last night, was just about getting to work in another part of the country, gets a notification on his mobile phone – Product update 4.1 – 77% of your team has completed this training. Not bad, he would think.

There are several products in the market that promise a lot of things, but I know for a fact none of them can actually make the above happen in this sequence and at scale, like Capabiliti by Qustn Technologies. I am not a Learning and Development expert, but I am well versed in the dynamics of working in distributed teams, and I know what Capabiliti makes you capable of.

What does it cost to train distributed employees?

Most importantly, delivering trainings such as this should fall well within your budget. Organizations today spend over a thousand dollars annually per employee on an average on training. How about training people like Bob in one-tenth of the average training cost? What if your HR tech product integrates with any of your existing systems seamlessly without any extra cost incurred? I know Capabiliti by Qustn has historically achieved this with telecom giants, infrastructure companies, e-commerce leaders and more [Download case-study].

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Opening up communications on new levels of service, product updates, grooming and the sales pitch – this can enrich the life of a distributed employee immensely, and help them outperform consistently. They will close more deals, quench more doubts, answer more questions, go that extra step. It is always going to be very important to train employees like Bob.

Does your LMS train distributed employees?

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