Capabiliti’s Path Forward: Creation is the Start

The global market for training is $145Bn. Currently – only 10% of that is digital. But that’s changing – and rapidly.

More and more trainings are moving online, and good digital content and platforms are coming to the fore. Mobile is becoming more and more relevant and companies now want complete solutions – not just content or just platforms.

We at Capabiliti have been working with large enterprises till date, and have got a lot of feedback that has shaped our product. Everyone liked what they saw. They like the simplicity of the platform. They like the ease of use. They like the analytics provided. They like the fact that they don’t have to bother about the content formats and more. Our clients are happy. But we aren’t.

Capabiliti is revamping and growing, and I thought this would be a good place to lay down what all will we be doing moving forward, and what to expect from us in the coming few months.

1. Enhanced creator

We just released this, and it’s the easiest authoring tool you will ever find. It’s true (said in the Trump Voice) 🙂

Capabiliti - old versus new

2. Gamification

We provided this as a custom layer for most of our clients because everyone had a different requirement that they wanted to gamify. Some wanted engagement, some number of trainings taken, some logins. In a couple of months – you will be able to customize what you want, with badges and the whole shebang.


3. Content library

Our clients have come to us and said – we need ready to use content to be delivered along with our own. Voila. We have already aggregated ~200 great content courses across IT, Personality development, Sales, Marketing, Finance and more. We are on track to hit ~1000 in the next 6 months. The world’s best content – available at the cheapest prices. All for our customers.

capabiliti ready to use trainings


4. Enhanced types of content

Our motto has always been that we need to make it simpler for administrators to deliver their trainings and not have to bother about the format of content. Having said that – a lot of companies have already invested in specific formats of content. HTML5, SCORM, external links – all will be available on the platform now.

Capabiliti content


5. Integrations & APIs

We are SAML2.0 compliant already, but will also be releasing integrations for Salesforce and other larger players to help their customers use Capabiliti with ease.

Capabiliti-salesforce integration


6. App integration

Capabiliti will be releasing standard documented APIs that can be used to integrate Capabiliti inside your own App or existing systems. All the simplicity of using the platform – without any major development effort. Did I just see you smile?


More things are lined up, and we will keep bringing them to you as we move along. For now – wish us luck, and help us change the training landscape across the world.

About the Author

Mrigank Tripathi

Mrigank Tripathi is a serial entrepreneur, and a pioneer in the mobile learning arena. He is currently helping organizations enhance their sales productivity by training and engaging their frontline using Capabiliti - the flagship product of Qustn Technologies, of which he is the founder and CEO. Before starting up, Mrigank was a strategy consultant with Oliver Wyman, and is an INSEAD alumni. Over his 18 odd years of work experience, he has been in client facing roles for almost all of them. He can be reached at