How to deliver an effective corporate training

Delivering a corporate training is definitely not the same as delivering an academic one. The major mistake that most companies make is by not understanding this simple logic. If you are planning to conduct a corporate training for your employees but have used the concept from your 12th grade chemistry training, then be assured that you are heading towards an epic fall!

[Tweet “40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year.”]

The above number is a clear enough sign that corporate organizations should not only invest in their current training programs but also scrutinize the way they are being delivered. Today’s employees wish to be more and more versatile and valuable to the organizations that they work for and a definite way to quench this thirst is by providing training at the right time and in the right way.

Corporate training should focus majorly on WIFM!

What’s that you ask? WIFM stands for ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’; a question which is asked by every employee (if not out loud, then at least inside his/her head) before a training. It doesn’t matter if it’s a compliance training or technical one, HR training or a sales one; unless and until employees make such a personal connection with the content and motive of the training, they will simply brush it off (although due to protocol, they might fake some concentration!).

Another problem with corporate training is that due to time crunches (generally), a load of information is simply piled on to the employees without giving the latter a chance to sit back and reflect upon it. If a person is not given an opportunity to practice what he/she had been taught about, it is but obvious that the retention power button would get turned off quite fast.

The twin sibling of the above issue is dumping too much information at one shot instead of delivering the same in bite-sized chunks. This leads to saturation of concentration and monotony again leading off to the aforementioned closing of the retention power button. If you can construct your training in such a way which will not only ‘teach’ employees but also give them a break in-between for some fun and interactive sessions, it will refresh the minds and kill away any boredom that might have crept in.

Making use of a captivating and engaging content along with an interesting and enthusiastic delivery style is a definite must for a corporate or actually any training to work successfully. Thought provoking images or quotes can help employees relate to the humane side of the training making the entire session a useful one. Roleplays are yet another domain which should be utilized to engage the crowd into the training. Along with that, the structure and layout of a training should also be given a fair bit of attention. Because trust me when I say this, that absolutely no one wants to go through rows and rows of boring text no matter how important they are! Haphazard content with misconstrued ideas coupled with a hazy layout is a sure shot way to entice the Goddess of slumber!

Today, a lot of companies are going down the path of m-learning because of its flexibility, convenience and on-demand training as compared to the classroom only traditional method. This allows employees to get trained on any topic literally from anywhere while the trainer can access all the stats like attendance and passing percentage right from his/her couch! Capabiliti by Qustn is one such platform which allows this to happen in a seamless manner even while the user is offline!

And lastly, ensure that you capture the feedback of your audience after a training. This is one aspect that is overlooked most of the time even though it is crucial to the evolution and longevity of any training. Feedback helps you to identify not just the pain areas but also get an insight into those areas which are working out well and should be kept intact for the future too.

Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts on this? How are trainings delivered at your workplace? Are they fun and engaging or do you gulp espresso after espresso just to stay awake? I would love to know!

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