Increasing importance of e learning courses

The entire world is migrating to the online world these days and the focus is shifting drastically to e learning courses. In such a scenario, you sticking to the conventional and age old method of traditional classroom training for your employees is only going to get you so far. These trainings whose efficiency depends on the trainer and training environment to a great deal make it incredibly tough when your employees or learners are spread across the globe and sometimes reside in the remotest of areas! Does that mean that you would not cater to them? Does that mean that you would become ‘location biased’ and say that trainings are offered to only those folks who would be able to make it to the office or training center? The answer is a big, fat and extremely loud NO!

The solution to all these issues is simple — go digital, shift to e learning courses and give your learners the ability to actually enjoy on-demand training in easily digestible chunks. With new LMSs and increasing internet access every second, majority of the corporates across the world are shifting towards the world of online education. Not only has learners increased substantially over the last couple of years but also the integration of various interactive content and tools have literally shot up to ka–boom! Not capitalizing on this would be like passing off a golden opportunity that came banging on your front door and showed you its potential.

Corporate training is over a $200 billion industry out of which $107 billion is in e-learning!

As a corporate, what are the conventional trainings that you can export to e-learning? Actually there are quite a few of them that you should convert to online learning on an immediate basis in case you haven’t done so yet.

E learning courses for Onboarding

Onboarding new hires are a challenge for each and every organization. This is literally the first impression an employee gets of the organization and it should so not be bounded by the shackles of endless tick boxes and awkward looks. But we also need to understand the fact that onboarding is never just confined to the boundary of a new hire. Even when there is a new technology or a process or a tool in place, onboarding needs to be done for existing employees too so that they can be brought up to speed.

Incorporating engaging, richer and exciting content is the beginning of the digital makeover for this program. Providing access to employees on-demand makes them feel valued and gives them a sense of safety and assurance. Not only that, tracking their progress and providing feedback and guidance also gets a whole new look as it becomes much easier.

In short making learning online at the onboarding or induction stage saves time, provides consistency in reporting, helps in retaining information and provides huge flexibility to the employees.

E learning courses for Compliance Training

Aaah….compliance! A word which is looked with fear by almost every employee as non-adherence leads to heavy penalty and in some cases even termination. Yes, compliance training in corporates is mandatory and honestly, do they have to suck so bad?! Tons of PDFs or PPTs with a narration which would give even a vacuum cleaner drone a huge ego complex followed by the same run-of-the-mill questions—this is bad enough to shrivel anybody’s soul!

Compliance trainings can be made interactive by adding various multimedia elements that e-learning training boasts of. This would keep the content clean, fun and condensed and make it feasible to consume it anywhere and anytime. Things like grouping of modules and gamification would keep the learner engaged and motivated too. And all the reporting and analytical work would be handled by a LMS which can be (once again) accessed by all stakeholders anywhere and anytime.

Online learning courses ensure that the content delivery is consistent every single time the learner accesses it. There is standardization across all departments and the information gap is reduced to zero. Also, since the information is available at hand, the risk of lawsuits too gets decreased.

E learning courses for Customer Service

Your customer service team represents the face of the company. They need to be up-to-date with all the latest releases and features so that they can help your customers make the right choice and provide the best of support. Shoving them into a conference room and bombarding them with information and knowledge is definitely not the right way to go forward.

Converting your current training into an e-learning course would ensure that anytime a new update/release/feature happens, the L&D team can simply upload the content and push it to your frontline staff who can access it anytime they want and have the information ready at hand. Not only is it easier to update and deploy the training material but also it is accessible by your employees whenever they wish to refresh their memories.

E learning courses for Product/Technology updates

New products, advanced technology and updated tools always calls for training and once again I would stress that showing a slide deck to a room full of people is never the answer to this. An e-learning course gives your employees the freedom to access them wherever and whenever they need it. This real time training is necessary and immensely helpful for people in sales and marketing as it is next to impossible for them to stay cooped up in a classroom. Memorizing how a new product or tool works would never lead an employee to apply the same when real issues crop up. But providing virtual simulations which are close to real life issues would help them gain confidence by creating familiarity and giving an opportunity to practice endlessly!

E learning courses take people on a journey and give them an element of surprise and excitement on the go – something that a traditional training cannot afford to do so. It caresses their grey cells, engages their mind and lets them reflect on their learning. Online training courses have the power to wow the audience in no time thus making the concept of memorizing fly out of the window. Your employees are used to reading in-between the lines of your emails and figuring out various pie charts. For a change, give them the opportunity to think first, I’m sure that they will appreciate it and find it much more useful!

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