Leveraging the power of mlearning for training

Talent is what separates highly successful organizations from those that end up being failures. It is the amount of talent your business has got on board that determines its ability to succeed in its field. Talent shortage is the major reason that restricts even promising businesses from achieving their full potential.

So the question is – what should an organization do if it is not able to get its hands on the kind of talent that can drive strategic growth? Should it give up its global aspirations? Here’s another dimension to the question. What if a global organization finds itself in a situation where lack of talent is severely impacting its bottom and top line?

In both cases, the solution is similar – getting your workforce trained. You need to train the people you employ so that they acquire the skills required to get the job done and facilitate growth. However, it is very difficult to design and curate learning modules quickly if you do it the traditional way. Creating content and rolling it out to thousands of employees easily is a major challenge that most global companies face currently.

Here is where talent development through mobile devices comes into the picture. Smartphones and tablets have become our constant companions. Almost every organization today is considering the best way to use mobile devices and applications to drive their growth story forward. These devices are also turning into tools that enrich their talent development capabilities.

Advantages of using mlearning for talent development –

Promoting mlearning can be an effective way to reinforce learning experiences within the broader context of talent development. Its advantages cannot be ignored in this world of evolving technologies and global competition. Here are a few benefits of an mlearning program:

1. On the go learning translates into more productivity

Mlearning provides the opportunity of learning when on the go. It can also increase overall workforce productivity as it allows employees to learn whenever and wherever it is convenient. Traditionally, a worker had to go to a specific physical environment to learn. Now, learning can come to the worker through mobile devices.

2. Greater retention of knowledge and better performance

Traditional knowledge tells us to push out courses in a sequential fashion: a classroom event perhaps followed by a computer or web-based event, followed by an online seminar or video communication. That’s not really how people learn. Learning is a back and forth process. As we learn, we branch out, take unexpected paths, gain enlightenment and experiences and, if need be, refer back to previously learnt content.

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The most general finding in research on mlearning is that humans learn better from interactive multimedia training because they are able to construct richer memory representations. This helps in creating an enduring difference in people’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Mlearning goes beyond the “anytime, anywhere” benefit to deliver experiences that foster greater retention and better performance.

3. Flexibility grants freedom

Different positions in an organization call for different kinds of training. It is time consuming to design a separate training module for each level. However, talent development through an mlearning strategy can be easily done, designing distinct training modules as per requirement. The training modules can range from being specific to one aspect of work or can be general in nature.

4. Speedy roll-out

The speed with which you can roll out talent development programs ensures that your employees are always up to date with the latest developments. You can quickly make learning modules and distribute them simultaneously across all your centres. You do not have to waste time to train trainers and wait for them to visit each of your offices to impart training.

Keys to success-

Given the clear potential of talent development on mobile devices to enrich enterprise learning and drive business outcomes, what can global organizations do to accelerate the evolution of their mlearning strategies and to have a more immediate impact on the performance of their people? Here are some success factors to bear in mind-

1. Effectively manage the change that accompanies the move to mobile learning

Introduction of any new strategy requires a change in the mindsets of the employees and managers. The current usage patterns of different age groups must be taken into consideration- slightly older employees are likely to be more tethered to traditional PCs or be less comfortable doing substantive work on a tablet or smartphone. So managing the shift to mlearning effectively is essential for driving a successful mobile learning strategy.

2. Get a good software to plan your talent development modules

It is necessary to pick a good learning management system that drives your talent development programs. It needs to be scalable, flexible and easy to deploy. This system should be easy to use by both- the makers of the learning modules as well as the learners. It should work seamlessly across a wide variety of mobile devices. It should be interactive and fun to use, as well as not compromise on achieving learning outcomes that enhance productivity in employees. Your choice of system will define the amount of efforts you have to put in for talent development.

A good SaaS based system is a good choice in this regard because it immediately reduces your overheads. It can scale up or down based on your needs and can offer a comprehensive list of features that can support your talent development efforts across a distributed environment.

So, coming back to the question- Should an organization forget its global aspirations if it doesn’t find a talent pool to drive its strategic growth? The answer is a resounding NO. What it needs to do is find a solution to the persistent problem. A solution that is modern in its approach and practical as well. Talent development on mobile devices is increasingly being used by global organizations to counter this problem. It is a cost effective and an efficient way to increase the capabilities of your workers. Take the plunge, shift to the revolution called mlearning.

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