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All of us at some point did think that the end of school or university also meant the end of assessments and classes. Now we know how wrong we were. The massively competitive environment we work in along with the rise of technology like

Due to the massively competition in our work environments along with the rise of technology like internet and mobile devices, the meaning of learning has become on-demand. Employees are constantly being judged on their understanding of their profession and how capable they are to stay abreast of new developments in a continuously evolving market. Learning in the workplace is also different from studying for a qualification. In a job, the goals keep varying and it is much more dynamic. Demands from a job continuously keep changing, as products, markets and technology continue to progress. On the job learning is important, but today’s competitive environment requires a much better understanding of one’s job role.

The professional development market is expected to grow and generate $8.5 billion by 2020.

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This new reality has given rise to the emergence of marketplaces everywhere. These marketplaces seamlessly connect educators to learners and give them an access to a pool of courses that come with expert-led sessions and are visually engaging. This has changed the way people perceive education today. For a couple of dollars, one can take up a quick course on presentation skills before a board meeting or communication skills before that dream job interview.

This surge is increasing with time as more and more subject matter experts on various kinds of professional topics are coming up with their own versions, with powerful videos and exercises. These marketplaces make it easier for learners to scan through an organized library of courses across various verticals with snippets and detailed information about what exactly the courses entail. Based on what suits the requirement of the learner the most, purchases are made. This does not mean the complete do away with traditional methods of training, but all kinds of organizations, from universities to corporations are opting to train and inform via the web.

Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global e-learning market to grow at an impressive CAGR of around 18% by 2020.

Such requirement for cutting edge professional development on a regular basis is understood by employees as well. Because of the options available, they no longer want to compromise or waste their time in organizations who do not invest in their professional development. If we talk about millennials, they are the hardest to retain and one of the biggest reasons for such high exit rates amongst them is because they feel organizations do not invest in helping their career progress. In fact, 95% of millennials are willing to invest in their own professional development. Even though there are organizations which do provide learning opportunities to their employees, what they offer might be limited and not necessarily align with the learning needs of the employees.

Taking care of professional development by organizations is very important in today’s world if they want to retain their best talent.

Research has also shown a strong correlation between learning and sustained employment. If your staff undertakes regular learning activities, they will be better equipped to deal with changing requirements of an organization and also gain a competitive edge in the job market. To succeed and crack the best of interviews, employees need to know much more than what they get to experience on the job. Highly motivated and engaged employees always want to contribute the most which is why they participate in such learning opportunities very actively.

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Here is how providing professional development courses can help organizations and employees-

  1. Better productivity for learners

In any kind of job, there are a lot of areas which need constant brushing up or improvement. There are some common skills that are required across all jobs, such as good communication skills. Improving on areas that have been identified by employees themselves can greatly enhance the performance of employees. Better performance would enhance motivation levels which is a good thing for everyone.

  1. Engaged employees

Employees are engaged when they feel cared and wanted. Investing in their professional development can be one of the biggest ways organizations can make their employees feel valued as it involves giving them the resources to learn. Learning along with the right amount of coaching by managers can help organizations retain the best of talent.

  1. Achieve business goals

If everyone in the organization is well equipped with core professional skills which would ultimately mean success for the business. For any kind of upward mobility for the organization, developing people management skills should become an absolute priority.

Because of the world getting so connected and such high competition, learning has become an everlasting process. No matter what age one is at or what position, there is still something new that needs to be learned. Without adequate knowledge, there is no value of a mind.

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