Sales Training Tool Kit For Performance Driven Businesses

Sales professionals usually love selling, and sales training takes them away from that. This makes sales training a major challenge for managers of such teams, who want the productivity of their members to only increase. Moreover, companies today are selling new products each month, with new employees, dealers and vendors coming on board constantly, training and keeping your sales force up to date has become the need of the hour.

48% of the sales people learn on-the-job by trial and error method.

~American Society for Training & Development

Your sales team are your eyes and ears. They represent your brand and product to the outside world. Their training needs to go over boring presentations, which kill their time and drain them of their energies!

How does one retain and apply black and white slides to daily life without any contextual knowledge?

Let’s be realistic – We cannot afford to have the usual classroom trainings for sales teams – It is too time consuming, too costly. Having said that, training cannot be ignored, especially in a competitive field such as sales.

Mobile learning can help sales training solve this jigsaw of constraints. It offers a creative, convenient, and timely tool that keeps sales professionals in the field while giving them the information they need on the move.

What does your sales team really need?

1. Utilizing time with learning on the go 

Imagine your sales person is going to meet a client in a different city, logs on to the learning app and learns about the new billing solution and the new feature that he could pitch in his meeting during the 3 hour flight, instead of getting to know about this feature in a bi-annual meeting sometime later this year.

Mobile is the perfect fit for a sales person who is on the move. Sales training on mobile can be consumed by them while travelling from client A to client B, thereby optimizing their time.

2. Staying up to date, pull out information when needed

Visualize – Your sales person is sitting in a client meeting and is asked about a very unique feature that your competitor has. He simply types in that feature on the search bar of your learning app and voila, he has an even better feature present in your product which covers the client requirement completely, along with all the details that can be pitched directly.

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Sales training when given digitally can be done within minutes in contrast to the physical training sessions. Mobile learning lets the sales person have the latest updates on his fingertips and can pull out the info as and when required. Which comes in handy when pitching yourself against a competitor and closing the deal on the spot.

3. Knowing what to pitch

Visualize – You know employee X has not touched the new product update module and is going for a meeting with one of your major clients. You push out a notification to him, telling him to go through the update before stepping into the meeting. Your ask employee Y to send in a video of his latest pitch, which you promptly assess and send out a feedback, sitting miles away.

 In case of sales training, the effectiveness of the training is directly proportional to the return on sales. So when sales reps proactively “pull” information, you can see and track when and what they are learning and therefore map mobile learning events to performance metrics.

4. Consistent flow of knowledge

Corporate brand and messaging needs to stay consistent. If the entire team goes through a sales training with consistent messaging, has the same data available on pull, then the entire team will have a clear, consistent pitch.

Visualize – All your sales people across geographies go through same, consistent, high quality training optimized for their device of choice – the same assessments, on the same day, reducing the changes of any miscommunication or inconsistency of training to nil.

All the cases that we just visualized do not come at a huge cost. Believe me, they come at a fraction of the cost to what is spent on physical classroom sales training. All your sales team needs is a smartphone, and your learning app, and they need to start consuming on the go. No physical classroom sales training cost, no specific travelling required, no training material/collateral to be printed.

Visualize – You just launched a new product feature. You need to inform all of your sales teams. You went on to your LMS, uploaded a short video on the update, and how to pitch it, assigned it to the entire sales staff. You entire staff now logs on and sees the video. You log on to the platform the next morning and check out who all saw that video and who haven’t. WOW!

Just like any form of sales training, m-learning is just another tool that helps equip your sales team with the information they need to perform their jobs more effectively. When used along with other training methods, it can help your team be more up to date and confident, whether they’re across town, overseas, or underwater. I would be putting forth a few points that you could go through before picking the right m-learning solution for your sales team in my next blog.

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