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Let me ask you a question. How many of you believed that your parents or grandparents will not be able to deal with the mobile phone and keep pace with internet explosion? Frankly, I thought my folks could never handle touch technology. But here they are, as active as ever and open to learning new things everyday! And they seem to be having a ball. Organizations are not different. Let us take the case of mobile training and engagement.

Most enterprises which faced the challenge of effectively meeting their training goals have now opened up to the idea of using the power of mobile devices to train and engage their distributed workforce. Mlearning and the scope that it offers has revolutionized employee training and has brought about fruitful results in terms of increase in productivity and profitability of organizations.

Why should I adapt to mobile training and engagement technology?

This is a question most L&D heads would ask. Let’s see the answers that have convinced them the most –

1. Freedom from mundane operations

Mobile training and engagement platforms are designed keeping in mind your needs. You do not have to be worried about backend operations of the software. Such platforms are efficiently structured and they logically guide the users throughout their journey. The short learning curve means that you can quickly get to the task of making your training modules. Your employees can too learn easily without having to waste time away from job work. This ensures that the productivity is not affected during training.

2. Light on your funds

As opposed to a traditional mechanism of classroom training, a mobile learning and engagement platform will save you from making huge investments in getting trainers onboard and other educational infrastructure. With the coming of BYOD culture, every employee can be handed over training modules on his device. Employees can also consume the courses at their own convenience from wherever they are. You don’t even have to set up dedicated servers to collect training data. This saves a lot of expenditure. The more you save, the more profit you get.

3. Secure for your data

When opting for a mobile training and engagement platform, you do not need to worry about the potential hazards like theft of your training modules. A good mobile training and engagement platform will be encrypted and the training modules will be protected by security features such as pass codes. There is no way for third parties to access your content and your employees will be the only ones to get the benefit of your training modules that will help them increase their productivity.

4. Outcome oriented

The last thing any company would want is untrained and unproductive employees because of lack of sufficient knowledge. With a mobile training and engagement solution, the employees at any post or any branch can always stay up-to-date and contribute to company growth. The employer can also keep a track of each employee’s growth chart. A talented employee leads to increase in productivity which in turn translates to increase in profitability.

5. Collaboration opportunities

When everyone uses a mobile device for learning, it would create collaboration opportunities among the employees. They would be able to collaborate their learning tasks and compare progress. Data sharing becomes easy with mobile training and engagement. This increases communication regarding training modules among peers as well as among employees and trainers. This assures overall growth of the employees as well as the productivity of the company.

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TOP questions L&D leaders ask –

If you are still not convinced and you think there will be problems while implementing a mobile training and engagement, here are some more reasons pro such a solution that you might want to consider:

1. People use different devices. How will one software work on all of them?

A good mobile training and engagement platform is designed in such a way that it provides a universal platform for all the devices and thus accounts for compatibility. An employee can be trained on any screen and on any device. Therefore, you can be assured that all your employees will be trained, without leaving out anyone. When the employee learns on the device that is comfortable to him, he will learn in a better way. This will surely increase his productivity and in turn profitability of the company.

2. What is the platform malfunctions?

Not your headache. Malfunctions rarely happen, and even if they do, it is the responsibility of the company providing you the service to update and fix the issue. You don’t need to allocate your IT resources in maintaining the platform. They can focus on the core business tasks. This ensures that your current productivity is not affected.

3. High volumes of data are created everyday in terms of training modules and employee growth chart. All of this calls for large storage capacity of devices. If my company implements a mobile learning and engagement platform, where will all the data be stored?

Cloud computing is the answer. In order to work efficiently and occupy less space on every device, a mobile solution will store all the data in the cloud from where it is easily accessible for you as and when you require it. You don’t have to worry about data loss or data theft.

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With all the data available, you can analyse it and get insights into how successful your training modules are and what more can be done to train your employees more efficiently to increase their productivity.

Added to the benefits given above, a mobile learning and engagement platform offers some more advantages over traditional training methods that can help you increase your productivity and profitability-

1. A highly active workforce

With mobile learning, your employees will constantly strive to progress and work hard to contribute to your company’s profitability. The employees will apply the knowledge that they gain as soon as they learn. You will be able to see the results of increased productivity immediately.

2. Motivated and engaged employees

When an employee gets to keep updating his skills, he stays motivated and works to his optimum potential. If each worker works to his utmost capacity, imagine the growth in productivity.

3. No limitations to training

In a traditional method, you trained tutors who then travelled to train all the employees. With a mobile training and engagement platform, this shortcoming gets completely eliminated. Not only do you get time saving training procedures in place, but you also get insights into how your employees are learning.

So, these were a few insights into the benefits of a mobile training and engagement platform and how it can affect productivity and profitability of an organization. Let us know your thoughts.




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